CHIKO is a chef's counter that re-imagines

Asian cuisine. 

"Cooking is not my job. It is my destiny!"


~Chef Xiao

  • @chiko_nyc

At CHIKO, we are passionate about creativity.

An Ever-changing Tasting Menu

Our menu showcases the best ingredients and most delicious flavors from Asia with a combination of Western technique. It changes often as the chef contemplates an idea through beautiful and mouth-watering variations of a dish. 

In August 2018, we began our gustatory journey with an examination of time-honored Japanese methods of fish preparation and designed a 13-course "Creative, Non-traditional Omakase," featuring fish and shellfish. Customer favorites include: Coney Island, Foie-rrero, Fresh & Funky, Mist, and Spicy.

As 2020 approaches, we plan to "travel" across the Sea of Japan to China, and focus on regional flavors of China. If you are interested in our "Creative, Non-traditional Omakase," please book now. Otherwise, please anticipate a brand new tasting experience soon.  

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